Saturday, January 8, 2011

11 Fiber Goals for 2011

I've been meaning to make this post for a few weeks. I actually had it all figured out back in December - it was written out and everything - but I lost the scrap paper it was scribbled on and then it was the New year and my brain shut down for awhile.

Anyway in no particular order these are my knit/spin/weave goals for 2011:

1. Design and knit a large piece (garment or lace shawl - I am waffling on which I want to tackle more).
2. Cast on a Neibling pattern (I had originally planned to say "Knit a Neibling" but well... I would like to think I can be realistic.... Sometimes.) I am thinking maybe this one.
3. Spin/Knit/Finish a Handspun sweater.
4. Knit a pair of knee-socks.
5. Knit or Weave a blanket/large throw/afghan
6. Finish THE YELLOW SHAWL OF NEVER-ENDING ANGST (and then start calling it something a little less angsty).
7. Do a steeked project. Maybe this one because its been in my queue forever & a day now.
8. Learn to use a support spindle (competently) & get the almost 4 oz of texas cashmere that is sitting in my stash all spun up.
9. Knit a yellow sweater. I think this should happen after the Most Evil Shawl That Is Trying To Make Me Crazy is done. I anticipate I will need a yellow project at that point. I rather like Madelintosh DK in Gilded for this but I also have some Lonco in a gold color that I really do want to work up as well.
10. Knit more colorwork - get comfortable with the two-handed fair isle techniques.
11. Hunt down a nice colored fleece and finish a project all the way from raw wool to knit or woven scarf/garment/bag (depending on the type of fleece I hunt down).

What are your Fiber goals for 2011?


puddle said...

Maybe knit a pair of socks?

Jan Berry said...

Mine's a secret. I'll tell you in February.

BTW, I found your original list, and you didn't miss one item!

Sursi said...

1. Knit myself a pair of socks. I've helped others knit socks, so really I should have done this already.

2. I want to be able to knit two handed fair isle. I will probably practice my two handed technique on a hat or something first though.

3. Finish my sweater. I really don't want to let this linger. I'd like to wear it this season rather than next. So I better hurry.

4. Buy a loom and learn how to use it.

5. Knit through some of my stash. I'm not trying to not add to it. I really grew a large one last year and want to use some of the awesome stuff I bought. Maybe I could knit at least one stash project for each newly purchased one? Yeah right...

6. Crochet. Anything. I really want to stop being annoyed at it.

7. Try spinning. (For serious.) I would like to try a wheel. I think. I guess I would like to figure out if I care about spinning at all. Of course, if I do, I'll need to buy a wheel.

8. Knit myself a cardigan. I'm already thinking about this one all the time. I have to finish my top down pullover first.

9. Knit or crochet an afghan. Or at least start one. A real one, not cat sized =)

10. Finally learn how to use my sewing machine. I want to make my own project bags, hem things that don't fit, and learn to quilt.

11. Knit a baby surprise jacket. This was planned last year and I didn't get around to it.

I hadn't really thought about goals until just now. Maybe these will change, but I sure came up with plenty.