Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another year over.

I have this weird habit of not feeling like its "next year" until my birthday. I have no idea why that is but it does let me write off any residual post-December crud as last year's problem.

That does mean January is a pretty weird month for me though. I tend to simultaneously feel very unproductive and somehow manage to get a largish amount of stuff finished. I think it might have something to do with the fact that January is a grumpy month for me and I spend a lot of my free time avoiding people and thus manage to get a lot more craft-y time in (I have debated if this is a good or a bad thing but its hard to draw a conclusion in light of that trade-off).

So far this month I've knit a Pretty thing:

Finished my first project to come off the pendleton (which - I would say about 90% of was done this month because I took so long to warp it and then got distracted):

Finished a pair of socks:

And finished half of another pair of socks:

I also did a bunch of little design swatches and tonight I warped the flip. I'm also in the home stretch on my handspun targhee sweater and yesterday I got around to sewing some hook clasps on the featherweight which was handy because I wore it today and it DIDN'T FALL OFF ONCE.

Clasps are nice.

In completely unrelated news (and Mom, I can totally hear that face you're about to make all the way in Texas) I was trying to decide what to put on the loom tonight and after trashing my stash looking for some KP Shadow that I was positive I had but apparently don't or else have lost I came to the conclusion that I did not have any yarn.

I was pretty convinced of it for about an hour while I tried to find something I wanted to work with.

Eventually I turned up some Rittersporn left over from my Porphyria mitts so it ended OK but I still can't help feeling like my stash redistributed itself into sweater quantities and spinning fiber when I wasn't paying attention.


Jan Berry said...

Hey, have I ever not been an enabler to your yarn stashing? :-)

I only try to talk you out of it when you've told me earlier that you shouldn't buy. Otherwise, the more yarn, the better.

Although you do have a lot ... I'm jealous!

JeriBrock said...

You have no yarn? That's not good considering your new yarn diet. However, if you do cast on or warp within a short timeframe, under previously stated ruled of said diet, you may indulge. :-D